Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen has entered a strategic alliance with the Frequentis Group to advance its database and comply with aeronautical information exchange model (AIXM) data standards.

Jeppesen is an aeronautical information service provider with a wide range of highly accurate aeronautical data products.

Under the terms of the strategic alliance, Frequentis will deploy and expand its database solution that will help further improve Jeppesen’s infrastructure and development capabilities.

The collaboration will also offer a stronger data infrastructure to support Jeppesen’s growing portfolio.

Boeing Digital Aviation and Analytics / Jeppesen Transformation Solutions senior vice-president Thomas Wede said: “Our collaboration with Frequentis will generate more efficient and seamless information solutions for our customers and enable leading innovation for the next decade and beyond.”

“Our collaboration with Frequentis will generate more efficient and seamless information solutions for our customers.”

During the testing period, the two companies focused on combining their operational and technical expertise to ensure maximum effectiveness of the future Jeppesen database solutions.

The flexible, comprehensive and technologically advanced AIXM-based aeronautical information management suite provided by Frequentis and its subsidiary Comsoft Solutions will help Jeppesen handle its current and future services and solutions.

Frequentis Information Solutions director Joachim Lennarz said: “This strategic initiative is a testament to the fact that the standardisation of aeronautical data has reached a maturity that yields advantages in terms of efficiency and information depth along the digital data chain, not only for a highly innovative company like Jeppesen, but ultimately for the entire aeronautical domain.”

The first deployment phase of the AIXM-based suite was started when Jeppesen and Frequentis signed the contracts for the supply and further extension of the AIXM 5.1 aeronautical information management (AIM) system suite.

The AIXM 5.1 AIM suite includes the Comsoft Solutions Aeronautical Data Access System (CADAS) database, the smartWFM workflow management and the smartCHARTING system.