Denver International Airport (DEN) has confirmed the lead designer and general contractor for the first phase of its Great Hall Project.

Stantec has been selected as the preferred lead design firm while Hensel Phelps has been named as the preferred construction manager / general contractor.

Under the agreement, Stantec will be responsible for completing designs for the remainder of the project.

As lead designer, Stantec will validate existing designs, suggest alterations for cost savings and make other design improvements.

It will be responsible for ensuring that construction plans are satisfactory before they are advanced. Stantec will also offer design assistance during the construction of future phases.

Hensel Phelps will manage construction activity and assume the main builder role.

The first phase includes the construction of airline ticketing pods in the middle of the terminal’s sixth level. New restrooms and conveyances will also be built.

The airport expects the project’s cost to be $770m, including contingencies. It aims to finalise the total cost by the first quarter of next year.

Previous contractor Great Hall Partners will vacate the site on 12 November. Stantec and Hensel Phelps will start their assessments the following day.

DEN CEO Kim Day said: “Over the last several months, our transition teams have been working diligently to identify the best and most efficient way to proceed and to select key members of the new project team that will help us successfully deliver the Great Hall Project.”

“Both Stantec and Hensel Phelps were selected because of their commitment to these values while also bringing thoughtful proposals with creative cost-saving ideas to the table.

“We are pushing ahead so we can get back to work on the Great Hall project with our new partners.”

Last December, Denver International Airport and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a new passenger screening system featuring enhanced advanced imaging technology (eAIT).