Indra Navia, an air traffic management subsidiary of Indra, recently signed a major contract to expand the NOVA 9000 surveillance system at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to accommodate the new terminal at KLIA2. The upgraded NOVA 9000 system will give the new low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) at KLIA2 full control of the growing passenger traffic at and the soon-to-come third runway.

The new layout boosts safety through dual redundant configurations and the most modern recording and playback (RPS) facilities for training. Three new surface movement radars (SMR) will also be added to expand radar coverage.

As a part of the contract, Indra Navia will also extend the existing multilateration system from ERA to cover the new terminal area and the upcoming third runway.

"We are honored to continue to be a part of KLIA’s ambitious growth plans and look forward to the success of the new terminal and runway. The airport’s new NOVA 9000 A-SMGCS will contribute as one of the most advanced systems in Asia," says Eldar Hauge, President & CEO of Indra Navia.

Indra Navia’s NORMARC ILS, DVOR, and DME, and NOVA ground movement systems have been used at KLIA since the airport opened in 1997 and have been upgraded as the airport has grown and requirements have changed.