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IHSE Delivers IP Extender For Web Access in Kiosk

While IHSE’s existing Draco vario Remote IP CPU module connects virtual machines to KVM matrix switch systems, a new feature has now been added that enables webpages to be accessed on the web browser in Kiosk Mode.

The Draco vario Remote IP CPU consists of a KVM extender and integrated thin client. Seamless compatibility between the Remote IP CPU and the IHSE KVM architecture provides full access to virtual machines alongside access to physical devices. This solution combines the two previously disparate systems into one homogeneous solution, without sacrificing flexibility or performance.

Many applications, including broadcast and media content management, increasingly require real-time access to both real and virtual target devices.  This solution provides full KVM functionality whilst delivering significant cost saving: a single remote IP CPU can host eight sessions in parallel. Switching of sources occurs without delay, irrespective of whether the source is a physical or virtual device.

Uniquely, the CPU module provides operation of virtual machines via remote protocols RDP, RemoteFX, PCoIP, VNC and SSH as well as web access in kiosk mode. This special user mode limits access to a fixed website or application that serves as a navigation menu.

“The web kiosk feature extends the functionality of our comprehensive and secure IP-KVM solution,” says Mark Hempel, head of IHSE product management. “In addition to the integration of virtual machines into the KVM system, it is now possible to seamlessly integrate the HTML5.0-based devices that are widely used in the broadcast environment.

Hempel added: “Beyond broadcast applications, this feature is in high demand, especially in industrial applications in which operators control certain processes in a web-based control environment.”

In addition to other KVM solutions for access and management of complex computer networks, IHSE presented the Draco vario Remote IP CPU in live use at the IBC in Amsterdam, 13 – 17 September 2019.

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