In these unprecedented and uncertain times, businesses and public sector organisations are focusing on how they can continue to operate and remain effective in times of crisis and ensure their survival in the future.

Fully efficient and secure home office

A solution is offered by IHSE’s IP module (Draco vario Secure IP Remote Access Gateway). The device provides KVM extension over an IP network by extending keyboard, mouse, USB and video signals; in the same manner that IHSE’s traditional KVM extenders transfer signals.

Remote operators can access any desired computer, at any distance away, using a keyboard and mouse as though they were physically located alongside that computer.

Backup for evacuation scenarios

The IP Gateway not only enables workers to continue working in the most secure and effective way whilst isolated at home but permits secondary back up facilities to be created for use should the primary centre be compromised in any way. In the current situation, this may be when an operator falls ill and the whole control area needs to be evacuated and cleaned before it may be used again.