IHSE Unveils TRUE KVM - Airport Technology
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A strategy that identifies and delivers the crucial features of mission-critical KVM systems, TRUE KVM will be the subject of IHSE’s demonstrations at ISE this year.

TRUE KVM comprises five core elements; each of which allows high-performing and most effective KVM switching and extender installations:

High performance

Images and sound delivered through the KVM system must be visibly and audibly perfect with no perceivable transmission delay and instant interactive response. The KVM distribution system must not affect the delivered data or speed of response any more than a direct wire connection.

Reliable and safe

Mission-critical computer systems need to operate on a 24/7 basis. Any equipment inserted into the data flow must offer extensive redundancy capability, fail-safe operation and continuous operation with hot-swap capability.


Simple, reliable and flexible control must be offered; either in-band or out-of-band. If control is maintained over a network, that network must not be susceptible to attack or failure.


Physical and electrical isolation and security are essential in warding off a malicious attack and data theft. Control signals must be separated from data signals.

Wide connectivity

Network infrastructure today mixes direct-wired connection, WAN and LAN topologies and cloud networks. Any KVM system must span all types and present a unified interface to the end-user or system administrator.

IHSE TRUE KVM technology embodies all these characteristics and more. Enabling system integrators to build highly flexible, ultra-reliable systems that fully serve the end-user.


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