The first ATC console we designed was installed in 1991 with the idea to provide a new generation of ATC system with ergonomic working positions.

Consoles designed to provide ATCO personnel with highly ergonomic and comfortable workplaces while respecting 24/7 requirements for operation and seating; integration of existing CNS equipment used by the client already and modularity for future updates.

Numerous designs and modifications are available and have been proven in many ATC centres (including TWR, APP, ACC, ARO, SAR, and ATC training centres), mobile ATC TWRs, Air C2 centres and mobile AC3 units, airport terminals and process control rooms (such as police, industrial process control, electricity/gas control utilities, and telecommunication).

Open architecture

Open console architecture provides unique console designs for each project.

  • Numerous options for console design, updates, or ATCC customised design
  • Existing equipment arrangement and integration
  • Easy next equipment integration

Open, customisation, and modular designs

All consoles provide modular and scalable configurations, with built-in racks or in elegant slim configurations with equipment frames, desktop elevation engines, and other fittings.


Construction respects high 24/7 demands for ATCOs. All materials used last and have high hygienic, mechanical, chemical, and fire resistance standards. Materials used include a metal skeleton console framework finished with hardened plastics, such us Corian, HiMacs, and HPL, used for applications in hotel, kitchens, or hospitals. Luxury, marble-like appearance, and soft-to-touch surfaces are also used that have high thermal stability, hygiene, mechanical, chemical, and fire resistance standards.

The structural design of the console takes advantage of modularity and the multiple console configurations and variations. The shape and size of the furniture are modified or redesigned by customer’ requests and adjusted to a particular site or  equipment-in-use, resulting in a large range of available designs.

A number of features are available for console functionality, including shape, size and arrangement of the console desktop, adjustable desktop elevation, a variety of monitor arrangements, keyboard housing, lighting positioning and type, strip holders/bays design, frames, holders, LCD arms, built-in drawers, illuminated panels, foot pads, and more.

Non-standard size and non-rack-mounted equipment can be installed, such as older ADF modules.

19“ build-in racks of various heights and project-driven configurations, with protected power distribution modules with optional independent air-conditioning and fire protection housing, are also available.

Consoles are available for transportable and mobile applications for container and truck integration. Ergonomic and durable armchairs for 24/7 operations are available as the most important part of each consoles, and are also available in different models and configurations, with adjustable headrests, armrests, backrests, and rocker tension and adjustment. A range of cushion varieties and cover colours are also available.