iBross offers a wide set of MATCS designs developed for each project to fulfil client requirements, ranging from small towers for two, regular towers for three to four, or extended for four to six operators. Optional 6m-12m cabin rooftop elevation is also available, as well as various trailers/trucks, air transportation versions CH-47, C-29J, C-130, C-17, Antonov, or Ilyushin to operate across various climatic zones for CAA or AirForce users. Optional equipment can also be preconfigured for user equipment integration or turn-key solutions, with full CNS/ATC equipment, providing full operational comfort on 24/7 ATC workplaces and ergonomic and effective ATM equipment integration.

Open architecture

Each project involves the implementation of unique tower designs and equipment configuration according to client requirements.

  • Unlimited range of towers designs and versions
  • Tower configuration scalable from tower construction up to fully equipped with CNS/ATM/AWOS/ATIS systems

Operating use

  • 24/7 operations in all seasons, in different climatic zones, in air temperatures from -45°С to + 65°С and upto 100% humidity
  • TWR cabin is capable of being operated elevated in any discrete step up to fully elevated position, with floor height over terrain 6,5m/8 m/12 m, depending on lifting system type
  • The mobile unit is deployable within 30 to 60 minutes by two operators
  • Transportable by roads, trains, ships, air (C-130, C-17, An-70)


  • Robust constructions with respect to extreme climatic environments and use and reuse at other sites
  • Designed to particular client operation requirements
  • TWR cabin manufactured from aluminium profiles
  • Containers manufactured from steel and insulation panels
  • Protected/external/ internal/ staircase
  • Glow galvanisation of steel construction/components
  • External C4 class protection by polyurethane painting based on preferred colour scheme
  • Optional ballistics protection (AK-47 typically)

Twr cabin

  • Three to six operators fully equipped
  • Skeleton of the cabin: 80mm sandwich insulation walls, isolated roof and antistatic floor, balcony, walkable rooftop, safety packets painted with a polyurethane colour topcoat as requested by the client
  • Windows with 360° vision, anti-reflective, anti-fogging, and de-icing fittings, blast proof triple glass windows with metal-grid folia, nano-technological windows surface protection, and АТC sun shades
  • Automatic heating, air-conditioning, ventilation system
  • Furniture: specialised air traffic controller’s consoles with built in 13(H)U racks, customer’s customised desktop with built screens, control panels, dimmable illumination, clock displays, rugged 24/7 armchairs
  • Lightning: day light, night blue light, emergency light, CWP lighting obstruction lights, rotating beacon
  • Other equipment: light gun, binoculars, refrigerator, kettle, wall clock, first aid box kit, and other equipment on demand


  • ATC controller working positions
  • CNS systems (ATC, ADS-B, VCS, VHF/UHF/UHF, VoIP, telephone, and direct lines)
  • Local meteor sensors including indicators/displays
  • Recoding and replay system
  • Data communication system
  • 360º panoramic day/night vision
  • Drone protection
  • Equipment on demand