Each modular tower is a comprehensive system, where special construction is required to enable fast assembling, long-term operation, and optimal staff comfort for 24/7 operation in all seasons and different climatic zones.

Tower designs and configurations are prepared for each customer individually.

Open architecture

Each project involves the implementation of a unique tower design and equipment configuration, respecting client requirements.

  • Unlimited range of towers designs and versions
  • Tower configuration scalable from tower construction up to fully equipped with CNS/ATM/AWOS/ATIS system

Operating conditions

  • 24/7 operations in all seasons, in different climatic zones, including air temperatures from -45°С to + 65°С and up to 100% humidity


  • Robust constructions with respect to extreme climatic environmental use and reuse
  • Design to particular client operation requirements
  • TWR cabin manufactured from aluminium profiles
  • Containers manufactured from steel and insulation panels
  • Protected/external/ internal/ staircase
  • Glow galvanisation of steel construction/components
  • External C4 class protection by polyurethane painting based on preferred colour scheme

TWR cabin

  • Three to six operators fully equipped
  • Skeleton of the cabin: 80mm sandwich insulation walls, isolated roof and antistatic floor, balcony, walkable rooftop, safety packets painted with a polyurethane colour topcoat as requested by the client
  • Windows with 360° vision, anti-reflective, anti-fogging, and de-icing fittings, blast proof triple glass windows with metal-grid folia, nano-technological windows surface protection, and АТC sun shades
  • Automatic heating, air-conditioning, ventilation system
  • Furniture: specialised air traffic controller’s consoles with built in 13(H)U racks, customer’s customised desktop with built screens, control panels, dimmable illumination, clock displays, rugged 24/7 armchairs
  • Lightning: day light, night blue light, emergency light, CWP lighting obstruction lights, rotating beacon
  • Other equipment: light gun, binoculars, refrigerator, kettle, wall clock, first aid box kit, and other equipment on demand

Other rooms

  • Offices, equipment room, power shelter, living room, kitchen, rest room, warehouse, and more, depending on the required configuration


  • ATC operators’ working positions
  • CNS systems (ATC, ADS-B, VCS, VHF/HF transceivers, last resort radio, emergency radio, VoIP, telephone, and direct lines)
  • Local meteor sensors, including indicators/displays
  • Recoding and replay system
  • Data communication system
  • 360º panoramic day/night vision camera system
  • Equipment on demand