IoT is taking airports to new heights

The services created by the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) make public spaces seamless and smart. Today, the air travel industry is investing heavily in them. This requires smart approaches to placemaking interiors and making digital technologies meaningful, accessible, and safe. That’s why Green has recognised the potential for IoT integration in our seating area designs, making it possible to bring IoT directly to the passenger experience and make it part of a safe and seamless journey.

Our Front Row proposition helps airports connect with passengers through IoT systems

Green design places attract people. We create waiting areas where passengers want to spend time to unwind and recharge while transitioning through the airport. These places appeal strongly to passengers, making them perfect environments for embedding IoT systems. Our public space furniture can conceal equipment such as cabling, transmitters, connector boxes, and circuitry, and integrate speakers, cameras, and screens discreetly into the surroundings. Creating a welcoming, tech-enabled area such as these attract passengers, bringing them closer to IoT-enabled equipment and commercial services.