Custom is pleased to present the new VK80, a compact ticket printer which comes equipped with the latest technologies for heavy-duty applications. The VK80 works in tough environments from -20°C to +70°C; the strong cutter can handle heavy paper up to 255gsm.

With the embedded printing server you can browse from an Ethernet connection, allowing you to remotely set up the printer and get the status back; the printer can send the the user an e-mail asking for earlier support.

Through USB you can use our DLL and Windows driver of the status monitor and get the status back all-in-one with
your application.

VK80 comes with a suite of software including Cups driver suitable for all Linux kernels and distributions and for Mac. Opos, Javapos and Opos in .net complete the software suite of drivers. The connectors behind the chassis make the integration in the kiosk very flexible and the black mark sensor and paper-out sensor have been designed specifically for parking and TVM applications. Ideal for your unattended kiosk asking for reliability and low maintenance.