Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (WTB) is the first public airport built in Australia for half a century.

It is also unique in that it is the only facility with a public use despite being developed and operated with private funding. This airport is the gateway that connects Toowoomba and the southeast of Queensland to the rest of the world.

The airport is part of the business conglomerate owned by the Wagner family. Founded in 1989 in Toowoomba, Queensland, by Henry, John, Denis, Neill, and Joe Wagner, a family company committed to the region with a vision for the future to invest in infrastructures that attract development.

Wagner wanted to build a unique airport facility that at the same time reflected the essence and characteristics of the Australian region from which it operates. A strong agriculture and mining area, considered the second biggest agricultural region in Australia. Actiu has been selected to provide furniture for the Wellcamp terminal due to the design of its product and the low maintenance required in the long-term.

The Transit bench, designed by Alegre Design for Actiu, is finished to a high technological standard, inspired by modern architecture and designed for heavy use in waiting and transit areas. The Transit benches offer different combinations both in materials and in configuration.

For this project wood and metal have been chosen to represent the clean lines and quality with which all passengers and users of the airport will be greeted with. The bench has been installed in alternating groups of two or three seats with a table attached, adding to its practical qualities.

A large and bright lobby receives visitors with a replica of the first planes that flew through the Australian skies suspended in the air. Just below, a furnished café area with the original Viva chair, bringing freshness and colour to the space, paired with the Tabula table.

The new airport has regular flights with the main cities of the country, Sydney, Melbourne or Cairns, amongst others. Not only as a necessity for this building, demanded by the residents of the area for a long time, the new furniture installation hopes to become an opportunity to pursue new businesses and promote tourism in the region of Toowoomba, as well as responding to the furniture needs.