Servicios Logísticos de Combustibles de Aviación (SCLA), SL, manages combustible materials for use in aviation, such as kerosene (JET A1), aviation gasoline (AVGAS 100LL) and lubricants.

It offers services for commercial airlines and private clients across 18 Spanish airports, including Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and Málaga.

SLCA IT director Antonio Molina said:

“Our company is using Keros since 2009 very successfully. Keros, available 24 / 7 from anywhere with internet access, provides standardisation and control of each and every one of the operations of the company, and allows the information to be provided to all interested companies, even in real-time.”

“Keros generates great and easy to understand reports, minimises or avoids the use of paper, helps with the coordination of flights in airports of any size and it is a very user-friendly application.”

“Keros is used daily by more than 250 employees, including our most important ones, the operators working under the wing of the airplanes.”