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Enterprise-Visibility - Airport Management Information & Control Systems

ITS House,
High Force Road,
Riverside Park,
TS2 1RH Other,
United Kingdom

ITS House,
High Force Road,
Riverside Park,
TS2 1RH Other,
United Kingdom

ITS, an independent systems integrator, offers a range of software solutions that deliver improvements in real-time enterprise-wide visibility, monitoring and control.

The software solutions based on the latest SCADA, PLC and real-time management information technologies, are designed to streamline airline processes, improve efficiency, customer service, and on-time performance.

ITS’ aviation software solutions include:

Airport control systems (PLC & SCADA systems)

Monitor, control and improve the efficiency of:

  • Runway lights
  • Baggage handling systems
  • Building management facilities eg: air conditioning, lighting, heating

Airport information management systems (AIMS)

  • Improve enterprise-visibility with real-time accurate data
  • Monitor and increase availability of passenger equipment e.g. lifts, escalators, conveyors
  • Measure and reduce passenger queue lengths
  • Monitor baggage counts and passenger flow rates
  • Monitor and improve availability of check-in desks, airport conditions e.g. temperature and humidity
  • Monitor and reduce utility and energy consumption

Airport control systems (PLC and SCADA systems)

ITS designs and implements SCADA and PLC-based control systems to support the efficient operation of airport facilities including runway lights, baggage handling systems, air conditioning, heating etc.

With strong partnerships with the leading PLC and SCADA system suppliers, ITS’ experts can recommend the best control solution to meet your needs. As well as design and integration services, ITS also offers 24/7 support, SLAs and training.

Airport information management systems (FUSION AIMS)

ITS offers FUSION AIMS, a real-time airport information management system that automatically gathers data and presents the real-time status of equipment, passenger queue length, passenger flows, airport operation and conditions, to allow management personnel to make quick and informed decisions.

The FUSION airport management system is flexible and can be integrated to monitor lifts, escalators, conveyors, baggage handling systems, as well as passenger queue lengths, baggage counts, flow rates, the availability of check-in desks, conditions e.g. temperature and humidity, energy and utility usage.

FUSION AIMS delivers significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Cost savings through improvements in equipment performance and maintenance planning
  • Improved service and customer loyalty through increases in the availability of passenger sensitive equipment and improvements in airport conditions
  • Reductions in utility and energy usage and costs
  • Increased management availability to spend on other activities
  • Increased asset efficiency through automatic equipment status alerts

About ITS

With over ten years experience in the aviation industry, ITS’ team has built an excellent reputation in the design and integration of management information, monitoring and control system solutions that meet and exceed the unique needs of the sector.

As an independent company with approved systems integrator status with AspenTech, Cognex, Honeywell, Matrikon, Microsoft, Oracle, Rockwell, Siemens and Wonderware, ITS’ engineerisng team can select the best solution to meet each customer’s needs.

If you are looking for a supplier that listens, cares, delivers and responds, you can rely on ITS. We are passionate about understanding our customers’ needs and processes to ensure that we deliver solutions that meet expectations and do exactly what’s required.


ITS House

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