Following its expansion in Australia with the acquisition of Cabin Services Australia, dnata required a proven turn around management and billing solution to drive its large operation. With seven stations handling a mixture of 40 international and domestic customers and over 700 movements per day, this was a challenging footprint.

In looking for a solution, dnata International had the perfect reference site, its UK operation. Damarel’s FiNDnet Suite sits at the heart of dnata’s UK operations in three of the country’s busiest airports, London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester. The success of this partnership gave great confidence in both the benefits of the system and Damarel’s ability to support such a large-scale implementation.

Hosted from our UK data centre, Damarel delivered the solution in record time, with the first stations live within weeks of the project starting. The strategy of software-as-a-service (SaaS) from Damarel’s Cloud simplifies implementation and greatly reduces the local IT overhead.

dnata International’s vision is a true mobile workforce, driving turn management and service capture through to billing right from the delivery point. Working with the company, we delivered:

  • FiNDnet Operations: The heart of the solution, this powerful operational database automatically captures and distributes a huge range of flight information to all stakeholders. Accurate, timely information improves daily coordination and enables on-demand reporting.
  • FiNDnet Services: This enables service agents to record ground handling service provision in real-time, to maximise revenues and enable more rapid billing. The Mobile element takes this shipside, to further streamline the turnaround process, track customer SLAs and improve on-time performance.
  • FiNDnet Billing: This incredibly flexible, accurate billing system is based around your stored airline contracts. Captured services are processed through the contracts database to generate detailed airline invoices with minimal effort. Automated billing reduces revenue leakage and improves financial performance.
  • FiNDnet Mobile & SLA: This puts the power of the system into the hands of the staff engaged with the aircraft. It provides integrated turnaround management, SLA compliance and service recording across a range of smart devices. Use of mobile devices boosts data acquisition and drives a paperless operation.
  • FiNDnet Demand Planning: Sophisticated modelling of your airline schedules, service contracts and engagement standards generate an accurate and detailed view of resource demand. Managers can make an informed business case for the resources they need to be backed up by accurate information.

FiNDnet is designed specifically for ground handlers and delivers an integrated suite of tools to cover the entire business process. It brings impressive results and provides dnata with comprehensive operational control of the entire business process, from initial schedule preparations through daily operations and turnaround management, SLA monitoring, service recording and automated billing.

FiNDnet makes it easy for dnata to track, monitor and analyse the flight services provided. It removes manual errors, duplication of effort and the missed recording and billing of services.

Damarel managing director John Boult said: “We are delighted that dnata International chose to extend use of FiNDnet to their Australia operations. They obviously had the advantage of having tried and tested the system for nearly ten years in the UK, so they knew it would provide the control of their operations that they needed. FiNDnet is a very powerful and scalable system that is invaluable to ground handlers. It enables them to provide effective and efficient delivery of services to their customers.”

Damarel has been providing mission-critical software solutions for airport operations for 30 years. FiNDnet is a complete software solution helping ground handlers to coordinate, monitor and improve all aspects of their ground handling and ground operations.