Air cargo terminals are critical components of the logistics industry. Their efficiency, security, and connectivity to other transportation modes make them essential for businesses and industries that rely on fast and reliable cargo transport.

Finding a balance between best use of space, operational concepts and automation technologies, AvLogix Solutions has overseen the planning, design, project management, integration, construction and operational ramp up of numerous turnkey air cargo facilities around the world.

Whether planning facilities large or small, brownfield or greenfield, AvLogix Solutions have the global industry experience to guide and optimise your facility design.

  • ULD Handling and Storage
  • Bin/Pallet Handling and Storage
  • Mini-shipment Handling
  • Build and Break Workstations
  • Empty ULD Handling
  • Forklift Management
  • Transfer Vehicle, ETV and AS/RS
  • Conveying Systems
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Simulation / Digital Twins
  • Logistic Controllers and PLCs
  • Freight Screening and Volumetrics
  • Perishable Freight Handling
  • Special Freight Handling
  • Truck Docking and Management
  • Air Cargo Hub Operations
  • Terminal Upgrade and Refurbishment