Proxim Wireless Corporation, a leading provider of complete indoor and outdoor wireless broadband systems, today announced that Bruers Service Security
Goirle (BSSG), a leading integrator of security systems in Amsterdam, has deployed a complete wireless video surveillance network in Amsterdam’s Stadsdeel West neighbourhood utilising Proxim’s end-to-end wireless solutions and Axis
Communications’ network cameras.

It will provide connectivity for the Axis network cameras in a neighborhood where physical connectivity was not an option, BSSG deployed a combination of Proxim’s Tsunami® QB-8150 point-to-point wireless backhaul, Tsunami M-P8100 point-to-multipoint, and Tsunami M-P8150-CPE subscriber units for a completely wireless surveillance network.

“In Amsterdam’s Stadsdeel West neighbourhood, they had a critical need for video surveillance, but it was not economically feasible to deploy fiber connections to all of the video cameras,” said Johan Bruers, owner of BSSG.

“Having deployed Proxim’s wireless solutions for video surveillance connectivity several times before, we knew that Proxim provided the best performance
and most reliable connection while being far more cost-effective than fibre.”

By removing the limitation of relying on existing physical connections, Proxim’s wireless solutions enabled BSSG to deploy the
Axis network cameras in the exact locations that the city needed them. Due to the ease of installation of Proxim’s solutions, the
deployment time for getting the wireless video surveillance network up and running was a fraction of the time it would have
taken to deploy fiber connections.

“The total installation time to have the Proxim wireless network up and running and the Axis network cameras connected was
only a matter of days, as opposed to the months it would have taken to deploy fibre,” said Bruers. “The reason we chose the
AXIS Q6032-E camera was because of the ease of use/installation and sharp images the camera provides. Remote monitoring
is an important feature so retailers in the neighborhood can feel safer in the future.”

As a result of the strong partnership between Axis Communications and Proxim Wireless, Proxim’s solutions are ideally suited
for full-featured support and connectivity of Axis’ cameras. As a result, BSSG was able to deploy the entire surveillance network
without any concern about the compatibility of the products or the ability of the wireless network to handle the high-bandwidth
video requirements.

“Not only was the combination of Proxim’s and Axis’ products cost-effective and easy to deploy, but it has also proven to be
incredibly effective as a deterrent to crime,” added Bruers.

“In the short time since installation, the city has already seen a
notable reduction in crime in the covered areas.”