bagport America announces its third US operation at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. bagport was selected by Phoenix International Airport for a high quality luggage cart service starting May 2011.
There will be 1,200 luggage carts available for rent from 36 vending units conveniently located throughout the baggage claim, ground transportation, parking, rental car, ticketing and curb-side areas. To make the rental process even more convenient, all luggage cart vending units allow travelers to use cash or major credit cards. Travelers appreciate the advantage of fast and convenient credit card transactions.

After taking its first operation at Philadelphia International Airport into service in June 2007 followed by Boston Logan International Airport in January 2009 bagport has established a state-of-the-art service level standard for US Airports. With its proven concepts from airports in Sweden, the UK and South Africa bagport combines international aviation expertise with high level product quality.

bagport offers a range of service products, systems and solutions for airport passengers that enhance customer satisfaction with excellent services to create a “feel good factor” in air travel. bagport believes that passengers appreciate having the choice for services and will render them when needed.