It is with great satisfaction and pride that we can say that much success has been achieved by Smets-Technology over the last six months.

Runway cleaners

During October 2009 we took part at the 17th inter airport Europe exhibition in Munich. inter airport Europe is an exhibition for airport equipment, technology, design and services, which covers a broad range of airport issues, aiming to represent this varied industry in its entirety and on an international level. We will also participate in inter airport Europe 2010 since the last event was a complete success for us.

Straight away we introduced and presented our ARC 1000 airport runway cleaner to customers and interested parties from Africa and the United Arab Emirates during our in-house exhibition at the legendary airport Berlin-Tempelhof. Everyone had the opportunity to drive and test the runway cleaner personally. During this weekend a lot of good and promising relations were established.

Pavement friction testers

From 25-28 January 2010 Smets-Technology was ac principal sponsor of the Airport Pavement Design and Management Summit in Singapore, a trade fair implementing the latest developments in design, construction and maintenance to ensure safe and cost-effective pavements. Here we not only had the opportunity to introduce our ARC 1000 airport runway cleaner but also the new Mu-Meter FT 256 friction tester. At this summit we and our partner company RCS Contracting, which focuses on runway rubber and marking removal as well as pavement friction testers, were able to establish numerous and valuable contacts. Our ARC 1000 airport runway cleaner and the services offered by RCS Contracting attracted great interest. The conversations held give us good reason to look positively into the future.

However, the greatest and most important success of the last six months is that we were able to record the sale and delivery of a total of five trucks to economically important areas: Dubai (one truck), Kuwait (two) and two trucks within the EU. Therefore, Smets-Technology and RCS Contracting have come to the conclusion that the recent months’ hard work has paid off and we will make further progress in spite of the serious economic situation, since we know exactly how much our products and services are required and how outstanding they are.