Luxembourg-based sensing specialist IEE has won the Fedil Innovation Prize in the category Business Development for its Tailgate Detector, an innovative access control solution based on 3D sensing technology.

The Business Federation Luxembourg Fedil issued the award at a ceremony held on Wednesday, 24 November 2010 at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, and which took place in the presence of Jeannot Krecké, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade.

The award was segmented into one first prize and five special categories: business development, start-up, product design, SME and Industrial Development. IEE’s Tailgate Detector won the Business Development Innovation Prize as the solution fills an existing market need by providing an additional security layer to access control systems.

Typically mounted above secured access points, the Tailgate Detector is seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, providing an additional security layer to access control systems. The Tailgate Detector intercepts the signal emitted from an ID reader (badge system, RFID, biometrics), establishes whether a single individual is attempting entry and detects their direction of movement. In the event of dual or unauthorised entry, the Tailgate Detector triggers an alarm or blocks access points.

With consistently high reliability, the Tailgate Detector offers an enhanced accuracy solution compared to laser or video-based products currently on the market and offers additional functionalities such as bi-directional people counting, occupancy monitoring and the detection of luggage left behind.

The Tailgate Detector comes in two product varieties: TDflex™ for tailgate detection at standard, swinging, sliding and virtual doors and optical or mechanical turnstiles; and TDtrap™, which monitors individual access to two-door access such as mantraps, airlocks and transfer gates.

The Innovation Prize is the third award the Tailgate Detector has received this year. Earlier in the month
TDflex was honoured with the GSN Security award from the leading industry publication Government Security News in the US; and this past October, the Tailgate Detector won the Security Innovation Award presented by the Security Essen show in Germany.