AMC security barriers

AMC Spike Barriers are based on our successful range of Predator Tyre Killer ramps. They feature an array of steel spikes housed in an underground trough, mechanically linked to an automatic barrier.

The vehicle entry point is doubly protected by the traffic barrier, and when closed against traffic, the tyre spikes are automatically raised to ensure that vehicles attempting to ram the barriers are disabled.

When the barrier is raised, the spikes retract into the trough, thus allowing authorised traffic to proceed.

As with standard road barriers, a range of optional fittings are offered, from upper and lower "skirts" to LED lights to the barrier arm. We also offer an underground LED light strip which illuminates the spikes from below in red when the barrier is active and green when it is ready to proceed.

The spike system is manufactured from thick mild steel to ensure resistance to any road vehicle, and the system is finished in a resilient powder coating for maximum longevity.