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Is the electric air taxi market ready for takeoff?

According to GlobalData forecasts, the eVTOL market is set to be worth $22.42 billion in 2030.

Aviation and shipping: decarbonising transport sector sloths

Despite challenges, some companies in the aviation and shipping sectors are making decarbonisation progress to achieve their net-zero targets.

SITA addresses the post-pandemic challenges facing the travel industry

SITA is a global air transport communications and IT company that delivers solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft, and governments.

Ryanair aims for 2050 carbon neutrality via sustainable aviation fuels

Ryanair is pinning its decarbonisation hopes on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Airbus’ hydrogen-powered superjumbo to take flight in 2035

Airbus announced its plans to test hydrogen-powered engines for its A380 superjumbo as green hydrogen projects need to be foregrounded.

A story of flight-shaming: the push for environmental sustainability in aviation

Aviation is contributing to global warming and, therefore, is under an intense spotlight.

Inside the $45bn robotics market: The taxonomy and value chain behind today’s robot helpers

The robotics industry was worth $45bn in 2020, and by 2030, it will have grown at a CAGR of 29% to $568bn.