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Inside Eindhoven’s testbed for autonomous baggage solutions

At Eindhoven Airport, tech provider Vanderlande has begun testing advanced baggage handling solutions, from image recognition technology to autonomous vehicles. We spoke to Vanderlande and Eindhoven Airport to find out why the airport makes such a good testbed and highlight some of the innovations being trialled.

Getting connected: how will airports benefit from 5G?

How will the implementation of 5G networks change airports and the passenger experience, and will it help the industry to recover from the global Covid-19 pandemic? We a look at five areas where 5G could benefit airports in the future.

Cashing in on the new normal: how can airports diversify revenue?

Airport leaders have spoken up recently about the need to ‘diversify revenue’ and build ‘airport cities’ capable of future-proofing operations and revenue. Pieter van der Horst of Netherlands Airport consultants and co-author of report ‘How Real Estate Can Help Airports Build Resilient Business’ discusses the benefits of airport cities and how real estate can strengthen an airport’s revenue stream and reduce its risk.

MedAire: a lifeline for cabin crew in medical emergencies

An app created by MedAire allows flight crew to take on the role of a first responder, equipping them to handle critical cases including infectious diseases. MedAire global medical director Dr Paulo Alves explains more.

Combatting wildlife trafficking through airports

ACI World recently conducted a webinar called ‘Actions airports can take to combat wildlife trafficking’, in which experts spoke about what aviation stakeholders can do to combat the illegal wildlife trade. We take a look at how criminals are still able to smuggle animals and animal goods, and ask what is being done to help airport staff identify wildlife trafficking.

Modular systems: how to make passenger aircraft cargo friendly

One solution to parked planes could be better optimisation when it comes to switching back and forth between cargo and passengers. Jeff Behlendorf, director of product management, Integrated Products at Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, and Paul Johnson, managing director at Tenencia Aerospace Design explain more.

Going online: a saving grace for airport retail?

Airport retail relies heavily on passenger footfall which has all but disappeared during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a look at the impact of the crisis on airport retail, and whether now is a good time for airports to reassess their online offering.

Road to recovery: discussing policy change with ACI World

Airports Council International (ACI) has recommended six areas of policy that should be implemented to support the airport industry’s recovery during and after the coronavirus crisis. ACI director of economics Patrick Lucas explains why government help is so critical.

Q&A: tackling gender bias with Women in Aviation International

While women make up almost one half of the aviation workforce, some areas are still severely underrepresented with female talent. Women in Aviation International explains how it encourages women to pursue aviation careers.

Good drones: the UAVs changing airport operations for the better

Drones may be the source of groans in the aviation industry, with many causing delayed flights and safety hazards. But what about the vast potential for UAVs to provide assistance and even improve safety? Here’s a look at how drones could help rather than hinder airports.