Victoria International Airport terminal expansion will double the size of the lower passenger departure lounge. Credit: Victoria Airport Authority.
The airport handled 1.9 million passengers and 123,078 aircraft movements in 2017.Credit: Thedarkempire.
The expanded terminal will also feature additional seating, new washrooms and retail spaces. Credit: WikiCommons / KirinX .

Victoria International Airport, the tenth busiest airport in Canada, is undergoing a terminal expansion to meet the demand caused by increasing passenger traffic and to accommodate bigger aircraft.

The terminal expansion will provide additional seating, better accessibility and improved concession for the passengers.

Located in North Saanich, 25km north of Victoria, British Columbia, the airport is owned by Transport Canada and operated by the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA).

The airport handled more than 1.9 million passengers and recorded 123,078 aircraft movements in 2017.

Construction of the terminal expansion was initiated in 2018 and is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Victoria International Airport terminal expansion details

Plans to invest C$19.4m ($14.9m) for the Victoria International Airport terminal expansion project were announced in February 2018 as part of multi-phase terminal and apron expansion plan. The expansion will improve operational safety and efficiency at the airport, as well as enhance the airport experience for passengers.

The terminal expansion will involve doubling the size of the existing lower passenger departure lounge and construction of dedicated aircraft gates. It will also feature covered walkways, new washrooms and additional dining and retail spaces.

An additional 1,765m² space will be added to the lower passenger departure lounge to house ground load passenger traffic.

Walking distance to the aircraft will be reduced and aprons will be provided with covered walkways. The gates in the terminal will be segregated based on the one-podium, one-door and one-aircraft principle.

The terminal will also feature a family room, basement, enhanced ground equipment storage and new premium washroom facilities.

Other improvements at the airport

The airport will also have improvements carried out at parking facilities and terminal precinct pavements in order to improve the overall passenger experience.

“The main road network of the airport from the East Saanich roundabout to ATB ring road and Willingdon Road roundabout will be resurfaced.”

Parking improvements will include approximately new 525 long-term parking spaces along with a future toll plaza to the south of the existing car rental service facility.

The airport currently has three adjacent gravel overflow lots, which will be connected to the new lot. The toll plaza area will serve as a single-pay transaction location for all four parking lots.

Lighting and closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) will be installed in both new and existing parking lots to improve the overall safety and security of the facilities. The parking lots will have relocatable lamps, which will allow them to move as per the gravel lots reconfiguration in the future.

The main road network of the airport from the East Saanich roundabout to ATB ring road and Willingdon Road roundabout, as well as the central portion of the long-term parking lot, will be resurfaced.

Drainage improvements will be carried out and the overall lighting will be upgraded to LED fixtures. The fixtures in the parking lot will feature energy-saving controls to reduce energy consumption.

A 5,000m³ stormwater detention pond will be constructed within Reay Creek, which will manage the flow of stormwater in a better way. The project also involves the construction of a sediment trap to efficiently manage sedimentation in future.

The parking areas will also integrate rain garden technology to manage stormwater flows and water filtration.

Contractors involved with Victoria international airport terminal expansion

The VAA selected the Offices of McFarlane Biggar (OMB) Architects for leading the design team of the terminal expansion project.

Durwest Construction Management (DCM) is responsible for the management of the terminal expansion.