Townsville airport redevelopment project is undertaken with an investment of $80m. Credit: Queensland Airports Limited (QAL)/NAIF.
The apron upgrade project was completed in May 2018. Credit: Townsville Airport.
NAIF is providing $50m loan for the project. Credit: Queensland Airports Limited (QAL)/NAIF.

Townsville International Airport is located in the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia and is operated by Queensland Airports Limited (QAL), served by major national and regional carriers of Australia.

Townsville airport is the 11th busiest airport in Australia, with approximately 1.67 million passengers in 2018 fiscal year.

A redevelopment project, also known as Project Alive, is currently being executed at the airport in order to meet increasing passenger demand. Project Alive was approved by the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development in January 2016. Construction on the project commenced in 2017.

The redevelopment project is expected to create 207 jobs during construction and 50 jobs during the operational phase.

Townsville airport redevelopment project details

Being implemented in two stages, Townsville airport redevelopment project will transform the airport into a modern and efficient facility through terminal refurbishment, access enhancement, and infrastructure upgrades.

The upper concourse will be expanded to accommodate two new club lounges on the mezzanine floor. The airside seating area in the arrivals / departures hall will be increased by rationalising the existing under-utilised office space.

Retail space will be increased to 1,545m² with three new facilities. The airport will also be equipped with modern check-in systems.

Phase two will include the relocation of engineering offices on the ground floor and the installation of a new escalator for accessing the upper concourse level. Security screening at the terminal’s northern side will be upgraded to reduce congestion.

The ground floor will also be extended to accommodate more baggage handling facilities as part of the second phase.

Construction works

Townsville airport initiated a $10m apron upgrade in April 2017 as part of the redevelopment project. Airside works were completed in May 2018.

The upgrade created 18,000m² of additional parking space for wide-body aircraft and also renovated the existing apron surface.

Meenan Street will be connected with John Melton Drive, the future entry and exit point to the airport. An automatic gate system will be installed at the entrance to the airport via Halifax Street, and will be open only to residents and emergency services.

Construction of the new entryway began in October 2019 and is expected to be completed in May 2020.


The total estimated cost of the airport redevelopment project is $80m. Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) provided a loan of $50m for the airport redevelopment project in March 2019.

Apron upgrade project received $1m funding from Townsville Airport and $9m from the Catalyst Infrastructure Programme.

The new entryway was financed by Townsville Airport and the Australian Government through Building Better Region’s fund.

Existing infrastructure of Townsville airport

A part of the QAL group of airports, Townsville airport contributes $420m towards the economy and handles more than 180 direct flights weekly from operators Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Airnorth and Rex.

The airport was granted international status in 1980 and operated international flights until March 2018. Townsville Airport and Council are currently lobbying for a new international connection to Singapore.

The airport’s existing terminal building extends over an area of more than 16,700m². The 13,400m² ground floor provides services such as check-in, security screening, retail spaces, club lounge, departure lounge, and baggage collection.

The mezzanine floor serves as a domestic departure upper concourse spread over 3,300m².

Townsville airport also offers a range of retail spaces offering books, gifts, food, and drinks. Dining options at the airport include The Brewery, The Strand Cafe and Bar, and Captain’s Lounge.

Contractors involved

Townsville Airport contracted BMD Constructions for the construction of the apron upgrade in October 2017.

Core Developments is responsible for the building demolition works, while RCP provided project management services.

Townsville airport selected Shamrock Civil for the Meenan Street project extension.