The domestic and international terminals at Nadi International Airport were renovated and airside facilities extended at an estimated cost of $105m. Image: courtesy of Nadi Airport.
The project is entirely funded by AFL. Image: courtesy of Nadi Airport.
The modernised terminal was officially opened in June 2018. Image: courtesy of Nadi Airport.

Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) commenced the terminal modernisation project at Nadi International Airport in July 2013.

Termed as the Nadi Airport Terminal Modernisation Project, the upgrade aimed to enhance the passenger travel experience and optimise the airport’s commercial revenue. It is one of the major steps taken to make Nadi the world’s leading small airport.

Funded entirely by AFL, the $105m terminal upgrade project involves a complete renovation of international and domestic terminal facilities, along with major airside extensions. The modernised terminal was officially opened to traffic in June 2018.

Nadi airport terminal modernisation project details

“The $105m terminal upgrade project involves a complete renovation of international and domestic terminal facilities, along with major airside extensions.”

The project included significant structural changes, a complete makeover of the facility covering a floor area of 25,000m², which includes retail spaces, lounges, airline gates, public facilities, office space, and back-of-house areas.

A new chilled water system and an energy-efficient building management system with monitoring systems have been installed in the building.

Fire sprinkler systems of the firefighting system were upgraded along with storage tanks, booster pumps, fire electrical services, and fire service mains.

Telecommunication and data infrastructure was completely replaced with a new fibre-based system to enable an IP-based support system. Escalators and lifts were replaced, along with the installation of three new lifts.

Lighting and low-voltage power systems were also replaced. The emergency backup systems were upgraded with new generators and the security and access control systems across the terminal were upgraded to IATA and ICAO requirements.

Traffic management at the airport was improved through the reorientation and upgrade of ground transport, including a car park and access roads. Baggage handling at both check-in and arrival areas was upgraded.

Other works included the development of external landscaping and irrigation systems.

Nadi airport domestic terminal upgrade details

Nadi international Airport is Fiji’s main international gateway and is one of the two international airports.

The domestic terminal upgrade added 4,000m² of floor space to the terminal, a new check-in building, additional counters, safety systems, and more carousels to enable improved passenger flow within the terminal.

The upgraded terminal features a modern design and a sleek appearance with better provision for natural light and air. It includes a new departure check-in hall with a 7m-high raised ceiling and new check-in desks bringing the total number to 36.

Entry into the departure hall is eased with a two-lane vehicle drop-off, which improves the traffic flow.

The departure lounge on the first floor has been expanded to 2,000m² and features world-class duty-free retail stores, expanded airport lounge, prayer room, and a world-class VIP paid lounge service with spa facilities.

The departure hall was opened in August 2015, followed by the opening of the baggage claim area in arrivals and arrivals concourse.

Contractors involved

Thinc, a project management company, provided project management services for the project in partnership with UK-based asset consultancy firm EC Harris.

As part of the contract, the firms provided design reviews, strategic advice, commercial modelling, and traffic forecasting services. Thinc also supplied tenancy coordination services.

A joint venture between Hawkins Construction and Pacific Building Solutions (PBS) was appointed as the principal contractor for the project. The $50m 16-month contract includes demolition, construction, refurbishment and modernisation of airport facilities.