Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Airport (formerly Zhuliany airport) is an international airport located 7km away from Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev. It is one of the two major airports in the city and is Ukraine’s second biggest in terms of passenger traffic and number of flights.

Owned by the city of Kiev, the airport is operated by Master-Avia.

Domestic Terminal D at the airport was reopened in March 2017. Terminal D, along with the other terminals, will enable the airport to accommodate up to two million passengers a year.

Features and facilities of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Airport’s Terminal A

The airport features three terminals, A, B and D, spread over a total area of 21,000m². Terminal A occupies 14,000m² and is being used for international operations. It is a two-storey building with 18 check-in counters and four control points for aviation safety.

The ground floor of the terminal offers passenger facilities, such as departure and arrival halls, border and custom controls, information desks, cafe, bar and restaurant, baby care room, and changing room. It also offers a baggage reclaim area, lost and found centre, post office, bank, medical centre, smoking room, and a mobile store.

The first floor houses ten gates, G1 through G9, border and custom controls, aviation security points, duty-free store, restaurants, smoking room and a baby care room. A separate lounge for business class passengers is also available with amenities such as television, microwaves, charging points, Wi-Fi, and a water cooler with drinking water.

Special services are available for disabled passengers within the terminal.

Details of Terminal D at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv airport

The reopened Terminal D is located close to Terminal A and exclusively serves domestic passengers. The new terminal features 12 check-in counters and other passenger facilities.

First opened in 2013, the terminal was built to serve the increasing number of passengers and new airlines.

However, operations at the terminal ceased a year later as a result of reduced passenger flow and drop in the number of flights due to decreased aviation activity in Ukraine.

The reopened terminal will serve passengers travelling in the state, while reducing the burden on Terminal A, which used to handle both domestic and international flights.

Business aviation Terminal B

Terminal B is a business aviation terminal serving private and business flights. It offers VIP services for private and business class passengers with an exclusive meeting room, lounges, conference room, restaurant, waiting area, and duty-free store.

A section of the terminal is dedicated for a kitchen, shower, sitting area and briefing room.

Runway details of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv airport has a single runway, designated 08/26. Paved with concrete surface, the runway is 7,579ft-long and 147ft-wide. It can accommodate a short to medium-range, narrow-body aircraft such as Boeing-737 and Airbus A-320.

Fixed-base operator

Master-Avia offers a full range of ground handling services that meet international standards at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv airport.

“The reopened terminal will serve passengers travelling in the state, while reducing the burden on Terminal A, which used to handle both domestic and international flights.”

Certified by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, the services include aircraft de-icing, calculation of AC alignment, and preparation and handling of departing flights in accordance with airline requirements.

Cargo terminal

Your Logistics Company operates the airport’s cargo terminal, which offers temporary storage for arriving and departing goods. The terminal handles general cargo, heavy cargo, weapons, drugs and valuable cargo.

Ground transportation and parking

Car rentals, bus services and taxis are available from the airport. Hourly taxi services are available with business class, including luxury cars and vans. Bus services are available from outside the terminal.

Located close to terminals A and D, the parking lot at the airport offers more than 500 parking places for cars, mini-buses and buses.

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