Bordeaux–Mérignac airport modernisation programme will enhance the quality of services. Credit: Bordeaux-Merignac Airport.
The airport is expected to serve ten million passengers by 2023. Credit: Bordeaux-Merignac Airport.
The number of long-term parking spaces at P4 has been increased to 900. Credit: Bordeaux-Merignac Airport.
The new airport express park with 207 places commenced operations in January 2020. Credit: Bordeaux-Merignac Airport.
A new 10,000m² maintenance hangar accommodates large-body aircraft. Credit: Sabena Technics.

Bordeaux-Mérignac International Airport (IATA: BOD) is undergoing a major modernisation programme, which mainly aims to improve capacity, comfort and accessibility.

Located in Bordeaux in south-western France, the airport is operated, maintained and managed by Société Aéroport de Bordeaux-Mérignac.

With an estimated investment of €169m ($188.4m) between 2018 and 2023, the airport operator is undertaking major construction projects to expand the existing infrastructure and enhance growth.

The Bordeaux-Mérignac airport covers an area of 850ha. It features three terminals, including Hall A, Hall B, and the Billi Terminal. BOD has two intersecting runways and 39 departure gates.

The airport served approximately 7.7 million passengers and handled more than 25,145t of cargo in 2019. It offers 163 direct flights and provides connectivity to 113 destinations. Passenger traffic at the airport is expected to reach ten million by 2023.

Bordeaux-Mérignac airport modernisation details

In December 2019, Société Aéroport de Bordeaux-Mérignac’s supervisory board approved a new strategic plan to undertake sustainable development and contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

The airport will be expanded with a new 3,500m² Satellite 3 international jetty in hall A as part of the modernisation plan. Approximately 2,000m² of the total jet area will be dedicated to the reception and facilitate the movement of international travellers.

Set to be completed in 2020, the new jetty will also include four waiting rooms, catering service, terraces, a play area for children and duty-free shopping space. The jetty will increase the passenger handling capacity of Hall A and will enable simultaneous movement of passengers waiting in the departure lounges and those moving towards the checkpoints.

Existing circulation and waiting areas are also being renovated. Work includes the redevelopment of airport pavement surfaces to develop two new aircraft stations. The modernisation project to create the new international pier, renovate existing facilities and construct new infrastructure in Hall A will cost €15m ($16.52m).

Existing infrastructure of the Billi terminal will be completely overhauled by 2021. The project will modernise security checkpoints and increase capacity at departure checkpoints by 50%. A major component of the work includes automation of the luggage handling system and the development of a new building for the baggage handling system.

The final phase of the project will include the renovation of runways, taxiways and aircraft parking areas, as well as the installation of Parafe biometric recognition equipment and self-service baggage drop off points at the Billi terminal. The €18m ($19.82m) project will also cover the construction of additional departure lounges and the creation of more than 5,000m² passenger areas.

The airport will feature a new central structure, which will serve as a junction terminal between halls A and B. Scheduled for completion in 2023, the new central terminal will feature a single security checkpoint area and will provide shared access to the boarding areas of the two terminals.

It will include a new shared baggage handling and control system, shared spaces for shops, waiting areas, and logistics and tertiary areas. The shared waiting area and shops will be able to accommodate up to 1,500 passengers.

Ground transportation at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport

Technobus service provides access to the airport through the Corol 39 bus line, which links MERIGNAC Les Pins to PESSAC Photonique via the airport. Operated by TBM, the new bus line entered service in November 2019.

The Lianes 1+ bus line connects the Saint-Jean station and the Bordeaux airport. The airport also offers car rental services, taxis and specialised transport services.

Parking facilities

The parking area of the airport is being renovated to offer improved access for passengers. It will be equipped with energy-efficient equipment and systems to be powered by photovoltaic panels. The parking lot will also offer free charging facilities for electric vehicles.

P1 and P2 car parks will have improved facilities such as dynamic display of available spaces, automatic opening at entry and exit points, and pedestrian walkways.

The number of long-stay parking spaces at P4 has been increased to 900. The expanded car park was opened to the public in May 2019. Enhancements also include the addition of shelters in the two-wheeler parking area.

A new express parking facility close to the terminals was opened in January 2020. With parking capacity for 207 vehicles, the car park is ideal for quick pick-up and drop-off.

Other developments at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport

A new 10,000m² hangar was built with an estimated investment of €25m ($27.53m). Opened in January 2020, the new hangar has the capacity to accommodate large-body aircraft such as an A350-1000 / B777-9X or six A320 aircraft.

A 40,000m² new services and hotel hub called 45th Parallel is being constructed at the airport. The first stage of the project is expected to be completed by 2020.

The four-star hotel will have 176 rooms and a swimming pool. Other facilities will include a new conference centre, a multipurpose facility, business centre, and an auditorium with a seating capacity for 300 people.