Stokota’s high-flow hydrant dispensers are assembled on a two-axle truck chassis, which can be adapted for left or right-hand driving, and operated on the driver’s side. The dispensers provide a nominal flow rate of 3,500l/min through two deck hoses and 1,200l/min through one hose reel.

The unit has a variable height lift platform for fuelling up to A380 height, as well as two deck hoses. Further equipment includes one hose reel, all necessary pressure control valves, a filter / water separator, an Alfons Haar PreciFUEL meter system and valves for refuelling modern aircraft’s in line with the latest JIG, MID, ADR, EI and EN standards.

The dispensers can also be provided with a wired or wireless deadman system, intake or deck hoses, pantographs, and a modular chassis.

In addition, STOKOTA provides low-profile hydrant dispensers for under-wing refuelling of semi-large airplanes, such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

These systems are fitted with a lifting platform with a maximum floor height of 4.2m, as well as a filter / water separator offering a flow rate of 4,000l/min.