Runway rubber removal

Rubber removal on concrete or asphalt runways using up to 720kW ultra high-pressure water blasting technology with an integrated extraction by suction system.

Dependant on the construction and condition of the runway, the right pressure is chosen in order to save the micro and macro texture of the surface. A significant advantage is gained by using the multi-jet system, which employs a combination of very little water (1L/nozzle/minute) and ultra high-pressure (2,500bar/36,250psi). Removal width is between 1,500mm and 2,500mm.

Debris and dirty water resulting from rubber removal operation are deposited into a tank integrated into the unit, with a separate tank for fresh water storage. Such arrangements make the unit self-contained and allow maximum utilization of valuable time on the runway.

No chemicals are used in the cleaning process. Debris (rubber sludge) and water is disposed into a standard container (skip). Simple decanting, in some cases speeded up by a non-toxic biodegradable flocculant, will separate rubber sludge from a water phase that can be disposed into the waste water system. It makes the cleaning process the most environmentally friendly solution.

In case of emergency landings, the unit will leave the runway immediately, leaving a clean and almost dry surface behind for air traffic!