ABB’s RTU500 series brings information from the physical power grid to your SCADA system.

The modular Remote Terminal Units (RTU) are designed to meet client needs in transmission and distribution automation, providing the most efficient solution for specific requirements.

As with many of ABB’s products, RTUs have been designed from the ground up with strong and resilient cyber security enabling clients to communicate securely via all forms of networks, offering peace-of-mind and confidence in the network.

Functional and hardware extensions can be realised easily and the complete series can be quickly engineered to any needs using the proven software tool enabling greater flexibility and cost savings in training.

Benefits include:

  • Secure investment from agile migration concepts, as well as functional and software extensions
  • Maximum flexibility and adaptability to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow
  • Cost-efficient monitoring and control solutions from intuitive and efficient configuration tool
  • Eco-efficient solutions for reduced environmental impact, allowing for the integration of renewables into the power grid
  • Future-proof RTUs from technological innovativeness and interoperability
  • ABB is a long-term partner with more than 40 years of experience in electrical and industrial automation applications
  • RTUs incorporate strong and resilient cyber security features for secure communication via all forms of networks