What is a passenger flow management platform?

Ensuring a seamless passenger flow through the entire boarding and arrival process is vital for maximising airport resources, as well as for offering a positive passenger journey. TAV Technologies is dedicated to helping airports optimise their key performance metrics with its experienced engineers.

Airports are monitored by smart cameras and passenger flow is controlled regularly to detect unexpected cases. Interpreting passenger behaviours and volume strengthens the capacity of airports in terms of optimising wait times, reducing overheads, increasing revenue, and improving the overall passenger experience. Eliminating the complexity of passenger flow in the airport is possible with TAV Technologies passenger flow management platform.

The platform covers every step of the passenger journey and helps to manage all the below assets within the airport:

  • Entrance, security checkpoints and customs
  • Check-in counters
  • Bag drop and reclaim areas
  • Retail areas, food and beverage areas and lounges
  • Possible wet areas (such as toilets or baby care rooms)
  • Taxi and bus stations

Passenger flow management platform modules

The passenger flow management platform consists of different useful modules.

Dashboard Module

The dashboard module is configurable for each user and displays real-time information regarding significant KPIs and important metrics. It provides an overall report of a passenger journey in the airport with the below metrics:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Density information
  • Waiting time
  • Queue length
  • Most time spent areas
  • Most visited areas
  • Bag drop density
  • Security checkpoint density

Performance table module

The passenger flow management platform’s performance table module shows the comparison of specific periods in terms of density, waiting time, and queue length.

Passenger process module

The passenger process module demonstrates the real-time metrics of various passenger transaction spots such as airport entrance, check-in counter, baggage drop, and security checkpoint.

Flights module

The flights module displays queue length and average waiting time for each flight.

Entrance module

This module displays queue lengths and total waiting times for airport entrance gates and X-Ray machines.

Check-in module

The check-in module displays queue lengths and waiting times for each check-in counter.

Baggage drop module

This module displays queue lengths and waiting times for baggage drop locations.

Security checkpoint module

Passenger flow management platform’s security checkpoint module displays queue lengths and waiting times for each security checkpoint location.

Configuration module

This module helps to manage different users’ authorisation. Employees can change the alert threshold for each metric. Additionally, alerts are visible on the dashboard and sent via e-mail and mobile notifications.