Revolutionise baggage handling with our Overlapping Slat Conveyor, meticulously designed to continuously recirculate baggage until its removal. Versatile and adaptable, this carousel serves as an arrivals carousel or a make-up loop, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Key features

Caterpillar Drive: Ensuring constant positive engagement, the caterpillar drive system guarantees smooth and reliable movement of baggage at all times.

Drive Mechanism: Equipped with a direct shaft-mounted gearmotor that provides robust drive to the sprockets, ensuring consistent and efficient operation.

Arrivals Reclaim Carousel: Typically set at 305mm for convenient baggage removal. The passenger area is clad in stainless steel, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.

Departures Make-up Carousel: Located airside and ranging from 600mm to 800mm in height, facilitating easy unloading of baggage into containers or trailers. It comes with a galvabond or powder-coated finish for added resilience.

Maintenance Efficiency: Utilising sealed-for-life bearings throughout, this carousel minimises maintenance requirements, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Modular Design: The conveyor’s modular components offer unparalleled flexibility in design, allowing for diverse configurations of length and slat height tailored to specific applications.


Arrivals Carousel: Designed for seamless baggage retrieval, featuring a 305mm height and stainless steel cladding in the passenger area for enhanced aesthetics and durability.

Departures Make-up Carousel: Positioned airside, facilitating efficient unloading into containers or trailers. Available in heights ranging from 600mm to 800mm, with a durable galvabond or powder-coated finish.

The Overlapping Slat Conveyor redefines efficiency and adaptability in baggage handling, offering a reliable and customisable solution for various operational requirements. For further technical details, download the Overlapping Slat Conveyor brochure, and contact us to speak with our experts for personalised assistance.