NAVCANtrac sets new standards for air traffic management safety, capacity, and efficiency. With enhanced processing capabilities, this complete air traffic management and support system automates and integrates flight data between multiple air traffic control facilities, surveillance sources, and external systems.

It features an advanced, easy-to-use graphic display showing a complete picture of flight movements and actions associated with flight progress. Surveillance, weather and flight data are integrated over adaptable multi-layer maps and defined overlays. The display is highly interactive, providing controllers with options to display and modify electronic flight data, access decision support and safety net tools, and obtain information on map objects such as airports, airways, navaids, restricted areas, and special use airspace.

Scalable and feature rich, NAVCANtrac is adaptable to any air traffic control environment. Its full range of advanced functionality makes it suitable for area control centres and terminal operations from national to local levels, and across large geographic areas.