A merge is a belt conveyor with a 45° angled connection edge that enables the merging of two conveyor lines.

Typically used with additional sorting conveyors they provide for a smooth flow of baggage from one line to another. Merges may also be used in conjunction with a plough arm to receive diverted baggage from another conveyor line.

45° Merge conveyors are manufactured in two lengths measured along the centreline of the conveyor from the tail end to the discharge / head end.  They can be provided at either 1,500mm or 1,775mm centre length.


Certain good practices have been established, these include:

  • Hinged front section that allow the use of a single endless belt
  • End rollers with special profiled finger guards to eliminate trap points for personnel and product
  • Final drive between the gearbox and drive pulley is via a direct shaft mounted gearmotor

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