FCA series frequency converters are designed to supply aircrafts during preflight maintenance at the airport. They can also be used as a power unit of test benches, hangars and aircraft manufacturing plants.
FCA-90-12HC is intended to supply an airplane’s on-board power system by three-phase alternating current with 400Hz frequency and 115/200VAC voltage during preflight preparation and technical maintenance.

  • Consists of static frequency converter FCA-90-12H and automated cable winding device ACW-01
  • Each device is functionally complete and can be joined with each other
  • Intended for use as part of aerobridge
  • Can be manufactured in both standard complete set and also by a client’s requirements

FCA converters provide:

  • high quality of output three-phase sinusoidal voltage with frequency 400Hz
  • high efficiency coefficient
  • low power consumption

Main characteristics:

  1. Total harmonic content 2.0
  2. 12-pulse system configuration
  3. Brand new schematics and technical solutions
  4. Adaptable under any type of aircraft
  5. High level of reliability
  6. Low noise level
  7. Possibility of modification and adjustment in accordance with the client’s needs
  8. Modular assembly (main frequency converter and cable winding device are jointed)
  9. Multifunctional remote control
  10. Possibility of using electromagnetic clutch for cable manual unwinding
  11. Heavy-duty design