Armadillo enables airport security centralised management under a single supervision and control platform.

Armadillo is specially designed to provide real-time airport security management support and ensure the optimal operation of all security systems and subsystems under a single supervision and control platform, integrating the most advanced technologies on the market with the specific requirements at every airport.

Tasks ranging from peripheral security, video analysis and accreditation management to boarding pass control, passing through fire detection, among other functions, are applications that can be controlled and managed efficiently by a security officer from a centralised control centre.

In addition, as a key innovation, it incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) solution adaptable to most CCTV hardware, capable of learning and analysing behaviour patterns and automatically detecting risks and abnormal behaviours, thus informing security staff without the need for them to be permanently monitoring images in centralised CCTV displays.

Some of the key features that the design and development of Armadillo have incorporated include:

  • Developed following ICAO Annex 17
  • Optimises security on airport critical processes, allowing or denying passenger access to the airside, check-in, boarding and different airfield or secluded areas access
  • Based on a multi-manufacturer solution integration, ensuring full connectivity with reference manufacturers on the market
  • Multi-system solution integrating ACS, PDS, CCTV, FAS, SIP and Video Analytics
  • Designed as a flexible and highly scalable solution with an expandable architecture based on airport continuous growth and changes
  • User-friendly environment, including map-based browsing

Supports decision-making by presenting associated procedures following airport security standard operating procedures.