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CANARD provides systems for quick and precise inspection of approach lighting systems (ALS) using drones.

In the same way as other solutions from CANARD, it is based on a custom software, procedures and sensor-equipped remotely piloted aircraft, saving airport operators time and money in maintenance activities.

CANARD offers a fast, reliable and economical alternative to the conventional flight inspection of ALS, allowing more flexibility and efficiency in maintenance activities. Drones operate both day and night and align with the airports’ specific maintenance requirements.

The company’s solutions combine state-of-the-art hardware with custom software and procedures to fully automatise the operation.

Safety is ensured with failsafes and other measurements implemented at three levels, namely hardware, software and procedures. We have cleared the regulatory hurdles to operate in the complex and restricted areas of the airside zones.

CANARD’s solution provides valuable information for the inspection and verification of the ALS:

  • Check that all lights are operational
  • Verification of the correct alignment of all lights
  • Check the colour and relative brightness of lights

After inspection, a report is generated in real time with the results and images of the ALS. A video with overlay data such as date, time, and approach angle of each frame is also generated for further analysis.

CANARD helps airports to:

  • Decrease management time, and free-up maintenance staff capacity
  • Significantly improve inspection accuracy and repeatability
  • Comply with inspection timeframes by providing increased flexibility from operating day and night, and availability

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