Western Sydney International Airport (WSI) has chosen Amadeus as its strategic airport systems technology partner to co-create the digital passenger experience of the future.

The two have plans to create a seamless airport experience with agent-led or self-service check-in, bag-drop, and boarding. Biometric systems will be available at each of these steps, minimising the need to present physical travel documents.

This passenger experience will be enabled by Amadeus Flow, an integrated solution to manage passenger services end-to-end, running from the cloud. Combined with Amadeus’ self-service hardware, Amadeus says passengers will be able to check in and drop bags in a matter of minutes.

“Having a strategic airport systems partner to drive operational efficiency and customer experience with us gives WSI a clear advantage. Amadeus provides us with decades of experience combined with a common goal of advancing the digital experience that our customers expect,” said WSI CEO Simon Hickey.

Amadeus’ Airport Management Suite will also be rolled out at the airport to manage core flight data, provide a common situational awareness to all stakeholders, and efficiently allocate resources like check-in counters and gates.

“WSI provides much-needed aviation capacity to the Sydney market, and it will be exciting to see the impact of fully integrated systems for passengers flying from this new global gateway. Our self-service capabilities will support the airport’s goals to deliver an efficient and seamless experience for passengers,” said Sarah Samuel, Amadeus APAC SVP Airport & Airline Operations SVP.

The airport, which is one of the most expensive airport construction projects in the world, is on track to open in late 2026 with plans to grow in stages to become Sydney’s major airport and one of the biggest gateways to Australia.

Amadeus has been rolling out its biometric technology at various airports, recently being chosen by Sacramento International Airport its provider in March 2023.