US-based T.F. Green International Airport has been equipped with new acrylic barriers at security checkpoints to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The protective shields were installed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in areas where its officers usually interact with travellers.

This includes areas where travellers prepare their carry-on property for X-ray screening, the property search areas and travel document checking podiums.

In all, eight lanes of acrylic protective barriers have been installed in the airport.

TSA Rhode Island federal security director Daniel Burche said: “The addition of acrylic barriers inside TSA checkpoints is one of several measures we’ve taken to protect our workforce and travellers.

“As long as this virus remains a threat, TSA will continue to implement the measures necessary for containment, including acrylic barriers as well as technologies that reduce or eliminate physical contact.”

TSA stated that it continues to promote its ‘Stay Healthy. Stay Secure’ campaign. Passengers are constantly advised and reminded about airport checkpoint modifications and procedures to help stop Covid-19 spread.

Some of them include maintaining social distancing, minimising physical contact during the process of screening, encouraging TSA officers to use personal protective equipment, as well as additional cleaning and disinfecting at the security checkpoints.

Recently, TSA at North Central West Virginia Airport installed new acrylic barriers.