Portuguese airline Sevenair has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Swedish electric aircraft manufacturer Heart Aerospace to procure three electric ES-30s aeroplanes, with an option to purchase another three. 

With a seating capacity for 30 passengers, ES-30 is a regional aircraft, which has a complete electric range of 200km that includes typical airline reserves.

The electric aircraft maker added that its ES-30 also includes a reserve-hybrid configuration, which can extend this range to 400km.

As the regional airline, Sevenair is specialised in wet lease contracts and public transport and currently operates seven routes in Portugal.

Sevenair chief commercial officer Alexandre Alves said: “We believe the ES-30 will be a game changer for the short-distance regional flights offering low noise and no emissions.

“These features combined with the possibility of decreasing operating costs heavily impacted by fuel and maintenance will allow any airline operating the aircraft to offer new routes that before were not viable and expand the regional air connectivity to a broader spectrum of passengers.”

Additionally, Sevenair is a member of Heart Aerospace’s Industry Advisory Board, representing leasing companies, airlines, and airports across the globe.

With the LOI, Heart Aerospace now has a total of 230 orders and 100 options for the ES-30 aeroplanes.

Heart Aerospace CEO Anders Forslund said: “With the ES-30, we have designed an aeroplane that can start cutting emissions from regional air travel before the end of this decade, and it is progressive airlines such as Sevenair that make it a reality. We couldn’t be happier to have them as a partner.”

Last month, Air Canada and Saab purchased minority interests in Heart Aerospace.