SecurityPoint Media (SPM), a provider of security screening trays at airport checkpoints, has signed a partnership agreement with Microban International to launch new security checkpoint trays that are treated with antimicrobial technology.

Microban is a provider of antimicrobial and odour control technologies.

The security checkpoint trays treated with antimicrobial technology will restrict the growth of bacteria on the surface of the trays.

The firm is deploying the treated trays at its network of airports using proprietary security screening trays.

These trays be fully distributed by the end of the summer this year.

Security Point Media CEO Joseph T Ambrefe, Jr said: “Our collaboration with Microban reflects our philosophy of introducing elegantly simple solutions that are highly effective.

“Travellers are familiar with and trust antimicrobial products in their homes, this partnership brings antimicrobial benefits and peace of mind to a common denominator in air travel, the screening checkpoint.”

Microban VP Michael Ruby said: “For decades, our chemists and engineers have successfully developed antimicrobial solutions for high-traffic and hygiene-critical environments such as restaurants, hospitals and schools, and for high-touch surfaces in many different environments.

“With more than two million travellers passing through US airports on a daily basis, there is a great opportunity to support the SPM mission. We are confident the addition of Microban technology to SPM’s SecureTray will be well-received by airport operators and the general population alike.”

Microban International’s technologies help to remove damaging microbial growth on products and surfaces without impacting aesthetics or functionality.

It has over 250 partners in more than 30 countries.

SecurityPoint Media’s patented SecureTray has x-ray readable tags to enhance security and increase throughput.