Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has extended its compensation scheme for passengers who missed flights as a result of long queues at security.

The compensation is applicable for the period between 12 August and 31 October.

This decision has been taken by the airport due to disruption at the airport as a result of security staff shortage.

Until 30 November, passengers can submit a compensation claim to the airport for incurred costs.

The compensation scheme will help cover costs related to rebooking a flight or arranging a replacement flight and alternative transportation or additional travel costs for coming to Schiphol again or to another airport. 

Schiphol stated that it “implemented this compensation scheme in the summer because travellers had nowhere to go in order to claim these costs back.”

The original compensation scheme ended on 11 August.

Recently, Schiphol implemented additional measures for the prevention of queues due to labour shortfall.

It signed a social agreement, including a labour market supplement. Besides, it agreed to a social package with trade unions and security companies to ensure additional pay for security officers.

In September this year, Schiphol announced plans to extend its cap on passenger volume until March 2023 to address this issue.

Last month, Schipho​l signed an agreement with Dutch trade unions FNV, CNV and security companies to increase the pay of security staff.