Amsterdam’s ‍Schipho​l Airport (AMS) has reached an agreement with Dutch trade unions FNV, CNV and security companies to raise the wages of security staff in a bid to address the prevailing labour shortage.

The move aims to attract more security personnel to end the ongoing disruption at the airport.

With staff shortfall leading to long passenger queues and flight cancellations, the airport recently extended its cap on passenger capacity until March 2023.

Beginning November 2022, security officers at Schiphol will get an extra €2.50 per hour, along with the Schiphol supplement of €1.40 per hour, applicable until 1 September 2023.

The pay will also be hiked based on the inflation agreement, which applies to the Private Security collective labour agreement (CLA).

Under the new package, the pay for security guards at Schiphol could increase by about 40%.

In addition, Schiphol agreed to pay security staff working between midnight and 5:30 a.m. an additional 35% bonus.

The latest agreement also ensures better rosters and improved rest areas for security personnel.

From 2 January 2023, the number of times a day at which a security officer’s shift can begin will fall to a maximum of ten daily.

Schiphol COO Hanne Buis said: “Over the past few months, we’ve had constructive talks with the security staff, and we have listened to them carefully. It became clear to us that it was very important to them that we tackle the issues of rosters and rest areas.

“Our top priority was to improve both their wages and their working conditions in order to make Schiphol a better workplace. This total package of higher wages, better rosters and improved rest areas will make Schiphol a more attractive place to work for security officers.

“For us, the structural improvement of the terms and conditions of employment is directly related to the structural improvement of the quality of Schiphol as a whole, for both travellers and airlines.”