European IT solutions provider, SCC, has announced that it is trialling thermal fever detection technology at Bournemouth Airport in Dorset, the UK.

This move is expected to help the country with the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic, which has so far killed more than 26,000 people in the UK.

The technology is designed to aid businesses in adapting to life after the lockdown is lifted. This technology is currently being tested in hospitals, restaurants and airports.

The thermal fever detection technology is made of devices that are handheld and fixed multi-camera systems that can measure the body temperature and identify people who exhibit symptoms of fever.

It also provides real-time alerts to help in the intervention and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

SCC has installed the mobile thermal temperature detection system at the staff entrance of Bournemouth Airport. The system is hoisted on a tripod stand.

Security staff can monitor the system and the signs of a fever can be recognised before the employee interacts with other colleagues.

In the next phase of deployment, a multi-camera system will be installed at every entry point in the terminal building, along with the departures and arrivals area, which will enable the border staff to stop passengers who show symptoms of high temperature.

With this technology, airports can reopen safely and reduce the probability of a second wave of Covid-19 infections.

Airlines can also use the technology and eliminate the need to undersell occupancy to ensure social distancing on board the aircrafts.

SCC CEO James Rigby said: “When the UK is ready to ease strict lockdown measures, we will see permanent changes to the way we live and work, and all businesses will need to implement new protective measures to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 and other contagious diseases by reducing the opportunity for transmission.

“Critically, all businesses must be in a position to demonstrate that safe social distancing measures are in place before the country is able to mobilise again, and SCC’s thermal fever detection solution could be an important component of solutions enabling this, helping companies regain consumer confidence and begin to recover from the most unprecedented economic event of modern times.”