Chicago O'Hare Airport

The US is planning to increase airport security measures over concerns that Al-Qaeda terrorists are developing explosives that can escape detection by the current screening systems.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there has been some intelligence that terrorists are developing bombs made from non-metallic materials, which may escape screening at airports.

These explosives have been designed specifically to target commercial flights.

The new generation bombs may potentially allow suicide bombers to go past the screening systems and smuggle the explosives onto aircraft.

CNN reported that officials have said although there is no imminent threat or plot; an additional vulnerability has been identified, which the Department of Homeland Security is working to address.

"Although there is no imminent threat or plot, an additional vulnerability has been identified."

In response to the rising threat from the new generation explosives, the DHS and the Obama administration have been developing plans to strengthen national security measures in airports.

Although the details of the new security measures have not been released, they may include advanced screening devices, additional profiling and random passenger checks.

Image: Inside Chicago O’Hare Airport Terminal 3. Photo: courtesy of Jonathan Lonsdale.