Global information technology (IT) provider SITA’s latest baggage robot, Leo, has arrived at Tom Jobim International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Coinciding with the International Brazil Air Show (IBAS), which is expected to draw more than 80,000 visitors, the robot’s arrival at the airport will help the passengers check in their bags.

Over the next few days, Leo will operate at the Brazilian airport to provide insights into the future of baggage handling technology at airports, which is currently being studied by SITA Lab, the company’s technology research team.

The fully autonomous, self-propelling robot will help a passenger check in and print bag tags and transport two suitcases, facilitating smooth airport operations and a satisfying passenger experience at the airport.

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“This robot demonstrates that innovations can transform the passenger experience."

Equipped with an obstacle avoidance capability that enables it to move around in a high-traffic environment, the SITA baggage robot is the first step to automating the entire baggage process at the airport.

SITA Latin America vice-president Elbson Quadros said: “This robot demonstrates that innovations can transform the passenger experience.

“Leo uses robotics and artificial intelligence to get bags from check-in to loading onto the correct flight without ever having to enter the terminal building or be directly handled by anyone other than the passengers themselves.”

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Tom Jobim International Airport is the first stop on Leo’s tour of South America, while the robot has other visits planned for Chile and Argentina over the coming months.

Image: Leo baggage robot will help passengers check in their bags at the airport. Photo: courtesy of SITA.