Itemiser 4DX

Portugal airports operator Vinci/ANA Aeroportos de Portugal has awarded a contract to Morpho Detection’s local partner MicroSegur for the supply and service of 74 Itemiser 4DX explosives trace detectors (ETD).

Under the contract, the trace detectors will deployed at five airports in Portugal.

The Itemiser 4DX will replace the legacy systems at the airports to meet new EU regulations on security.

Morpho Detection president and CEO Karen Bomba said: "Growing airport operators like Vinci/ANA Aeroportos de Portugal depend on stability and reliable detection solutions to quickly screen passengers and Morpho is thrilled they have selected Itemiser 4DX.

"The detection capabilities of Itemiser 4DX, combined with rapid response and maintenance services provided by local partners including MicroSegur in Portugal, has created an unmatched, end-to-end industry solution."

The detector has been designed to quickly detect and identify trace amounts of explosives on skin, clothing, carried items, bags, vehicles and other surfaces.

The easy-to-use and portable Itemiser 4DX eliminates the administrative, regulatory, storage and shipping requirements related with a radiation-emitting trace detection source.

The detector helps reduce operational costs for airports and air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and government and critical infrastructure installations.

Recently, the company was awarded with similar contracts by Manchester Airports and Denmark’s Copenhagen Airport to enhance the screening systems at the respective airports.

So far, Morpho has deployed approximately 23,000 ETD units, including more than 800 Itemiser 4DX, at various airport checkpoints, checked baggage and air cargo screening facilities, critical infrastructure and secure locations across Europe.

Image: Morpho Itemiser 4DX. Photo: © Adrien Deneu / Morpho / Safran.