Japan Airport Terminal (JAT) will soon be introducing robot technology at the Haneda Airport with the aim of communicating the country’s advancement in technology to the rest of the world.

The initiative is a part of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Japan Airport Terminal and Japan-based robot developer Cyberdyne.

According to Bloomberg, the airport will lease 11 robots that will be used for cleaning the facilities and carry baggage.

"I want to expand it to all other airports in Japan, and also to airports worldwide."

Some of the employees at the airport will be equipped with the powered suits called Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) that will help them carry heavy loads at passenger terminals.

JAT said that it had been considering the introduction of advanced technologies to meet challenges of fewer children and ageing population and a decrease in working population.

JAT President Isao Takashiro was quoted as saying: "I want to expand it to all other airports in Japan, and also to airports worldwide."

Cyberdyne will provide the airport with three HAL machines, five cleaners and three luggage carrying machines during a test period while will eventually be increased based on the outcome of the project.

The announcement follows the Japanese Cabinet’s approval of the government’s revamped Japan Revitalisation Strategy that lists support for robot research and development as one of the main areas of focus, reported the Japan Times.

Japan has been experiencing a boom in the use of robot technology. While the Huis Ten Bosch theme park supposed to be launched on 17 July will introduce humanoid robots to greet visitors at the front desk, the Mizuho Bank is will soon introduce the Pepper, SoftBank‘s talking humanoid robot across different branches.