Implant Sciences has signed a cooperative R&D agreement with Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) to optimise its QS-B220 detection technology, which can deployed for airport security.

The public-private partnership is designed to expeditiously mature and deploy security technologies, and to prepare products to achieve Transportation Security Administration (TSA) certification, which can be used at ports of entry across the US, including airports.

The QS-B220 Quantum Sniffer is an explosives and narcotics trace detector that uses ion mobility spectrometry to rapidly detect and identify trace amounts of commercial, improvised and homemade explosives and narcotic substances.

"The insight of the professionals at TSL will be invaluable in preparing the QS-B220 to meet TSA’s expectations," said Implant Sciences vice-president of technology, Todd Silvestri. "TSL brings extensive experience and expertise to the table, which will help us build a better product."